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Week 13 Rankings- 11/2

Week 13 rankings are in! View here!

Week 9 Rankings- 11/2

Week 9 rankings are in! View here!

New Stats

Several Stats have been added to The QB Ranker including:

QBA(Elijah Horton)
ANY/A(Chase Stuart)

You can read more about them here.

Website Changes - 11/2

This website has gone under many changes in recent weeks.

  • Changed the way QBs are ranked. read about it here.
  • Changed the way the rankings look (not a boring table anymore!)
  • Added "Quick Ranks"
  • Added the ability to look at more details for each QB
  • You can now select whether or not you want to include backups or not
  • ...and more!

Week 5 stats - 10/9

Stats for week 5 are now live. Changed this week:

  • Passing First Downs were re-added
  • Added Combined (passing + rushing) Stats
  • Changed "Custom" Interface to make it easier to enter formulas